To Half Or Not To Half – Thinking About Using 1/2 Inch Glass?

For (real) frameless bathe doors, you’ve got 2 selections with regards to the thickness of the glass used. The most common thickness is 3/eight″. Some people choose to upgrade to the thicker half″ glass. Is one higher than the other? Which one ought to you pick out? What’s the distinction?

First off, let me talk the glass used in wellknown framed showers. Framed showers (generally) do no longer use the identical “heavy glass” that is utilized in frameless showers. They do not want to. All of the extra metal framing gives most of the support for the door or panels. Typically, glass of the subsequent thicknesses is used in a framed bathe: three/16″, 5/32″ and 1/4″.

If you’ve got ever opened a framed shower door that doesn’t use heavy glass, you may have noticed that the door “wobbles” because of the skinny glass vibrating.

With a frameless heavy glass shower, the helping metallic is not gift. The thicker glass weighs at the least 5 lbs according to rectangular foot and offers drastically greater support. When you open a three/eight″ thick frameless glass door, you do now not be aware any wobbling or glass vibration.

So – to the question of whether you should choose three/8″ or half of″ in your frameless shower. The distinction between 3/eight″ heavy glass and 1/four″ glass is truly major with the aid of simply establishing the bathe door. However, by upgrading to 1/2″ glass, you may no longer be aware a big difference browline glasses mens over 3/eight″. Sure, the door goes to sense more stable and will be slightly heavier to open, however it’s now not like a 3/eight″ door is blowing in the wind.

Structurally, you aren’t definitely gaining any advantage over 3/eight″ by using using half of″. Reputable glass shops (ourselves blanketed) will in no way promote you and could never installation a three/8″ frameless bathe that isn’t always surely structurally sound.

A principal poor for upgrading to half of″ glass is disproportionately better costs. Not handiest are you paying more for the thicker glass per square foot however you furthermore mght have to pay for heavier obligation hardware designed to guide the introduced weight of the thicker glass. You may also ought to pay more in labor (if having it set up). A unmarried installer should handle a 30 x seventy eight x 3/8 door weighing approximately 80 lbs. Two installers could be required to handle the equal door in half of glass weighing about 110 lbs.

So why pay the money to improve to 1/2 glass? From a cost angle, you’re not gaining some thing on your cash by means of getting the thicker glass. However, a few humans can also definitely pick the upgraded appearance and sense in addition to the premium charge they paid to get it. And it’s OK through me.