Tic Tac Toe Wall Art

Every kid loves tic tac toe, but not every kid has the patience to play it. And who could blame them? Every game ends in a tie!

So I had this great idea that if you turn tic tac toe into an art piece, kids would be much more interested in playing it. Just having something nice to look at can keep their attention for hours.

It’s simple to make too so you don’t need any expensive equipment or materials. All you really need is some paint and/or markers, a flat surface (I chose cardboard), and access to YouTube tutorials on drawing tic tac toe boards.

What is tic tac toe?

Tic tac toe, also known as tictactoe, noughts, and crosses, or Xs and Os is a two player game where the players take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The first player to get three of their chips either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins!

What does it have to do with art?

So there are nine spaces on the board. Three go horizontally, three go vertically, and the other three go diagonally. That’s 27 total spots you can put your chip/marker/crayon/paintbrush.

Why you should make a tic tac toe wall decor art?

So you can play the game on your wall without having to write on it with dry-erase marker whenever you want to move around. Plus, there are so many options for color combinations. You could match them up if they were all green or give each person their own color, or use primary colors or any combination of colors that would look good together!

What tools do I need?

To make a tic tac toe board on your wall, you really only need white paint/chalkboard paint and spray adhesive. That’s it! Of course, if you’d like it colored in some way, then go for it! You can use crayons, colored pencils, acrylic paints, markers, oil pastels … anything goes! Remember that the more colors you use, the harder it will be to play since you’re likely to get your color called by someone else!

Why did I make it?

I’ve always loved playing tic tac toe (or naughts and crosses if you prefer) but every time I asked someone, they didn’t want to play or they went on their phone or something. I was so excited when my brother gave me some black chalkboard paint for Christmas because this would be perfect for a board! After using grease pencils on my previous boards, I thought of spraying adhesive on the back of each piece then just writing with a dry erase marker, which is way easier than drawing around each shape individually.

Source: https://tictactoebeast.com/wall-decor-art

How to make your own tic tac toe wall decor art?

You will need:

-chalkboard paint (I used black because I had it, but you could use whatever color suits your room)

-plastic tic tac toe game pieces (or just draw with dry erase marker if you don’t want to go buy these)

-spray adhesive

Step 1. Find tic tac toe game pieces or print out shapes of your choice. You could even do this on cardboard and then coat the back of the cardboard with spray adhesive like my sister suggested!

Step 2. Spray each game piece with spray adhesive. This is what will hold them up on your chalkboard wall after painting over the top! If you are printing out shapes, make sure they are two-dimensional and will stay put. You could also do this on a light or white wall and make your own decals!

Step 3. Use your tic tac toe game pieces as stencils, trace them with chalk onto your new paint surface (my wall) and then remove the game pieces. Don’t worry if you get spray adhesive on your new paint as I did at first, because that’s what a clear coat is for! Oops…

   Step 4. Clearcoat everything so each of those hard works of stenciled shapes don’t smear when you touch them again.