SEO Trends That Will Rule 2022

There’s no denying that search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing trend that will continue to dominate the business sector for years to come. The fact that it can help even the most inexperienced business build a foundation through marketing is the reason why people rely on local favorites such as Louisville SEO agencies to get the job done.

That said, SEO is not a single entity. It is a collection of different tactics that can be used to generate leads to help increase visibility online. It’s crucial to understand the trends that are making waves, which is why people go for local services like those offered by a top marketing agency Atlanta to help pinpoint the best possible tactics. Here are some SEO trends that will undoubtedly rule 2022.

  • Accessibility is the way to go

If there is one trend that could potentially trump all the others, it would be the rise of accessibility. Convenience and accessibility are the keys to get people to notice and pay money, which is why so many businesses are focused on increasing overall accessibility. With internet access becoming more and more common, it opens the doors to expose more people to the company. One good example of marketing accessibility includes closed captions on video content to help ensure that those who are hard of hearing can read and follow the content.

The same thing goes for audio description services for people with visual problems. Taking care of those with disabilities and ensuring they can follow the company’s marketing videos can go a long way to help with SEO success.

  • Voice search is gaining its stride

Aside from accessibility, recent queries online have been dominated by voice. It’s understandable, as more and more people are getting used to the most convenient way of doing things. What this means for most companies is that they have to get used to the idea of translating written marketing into content that flows naturally to help people with voice search.

While it might seem a little confusing for some, it’s an easier time than most realize. It also opens up the opportunity to connect with the audience on a personal level, increasing rapport and improving conversion rates.

  • Web optimization is in

Riding on the coattails of accessibility, web optimization is a trend that will undoubtedly continue over the years. The Google Page Experience Update already showed how crucial it is for companies to prioritize user experience over everything else — it’s up to business owners to push through and use UX to satisfy customers and the search algorithms alike.

Fortunately, web optimization is something that barely takes any effort to implement. A company can integrate web optimization by keeping things simple, and ensuring online users have an easy means of getting what they want.

  • Mobile-friendliness is king

Considering accessibility and web optimization are trends that will dominate 2022, it’s only natural to follow them up with mobile-friendly tactics. Keep in mind that most people surf the web with their mobile phones. While some might prefer their laptops and computers to phones, a staggering number of people own smartphones, which means the mobile market will always be lucrative for any business. Those who want to ensure their SEO success would benefit significantly from mobile-friendly tactics.


The good news is companies don’t have to go through the process on their own. Shopping platforms such as Shopify and Amazon offer a great mobile platform for any company owner. With the various SEO marketing trends above, companies can start 2022 the right way and build a robust relationship with their audience. With the help of local marketing professionals, anything is possible.