How much can you borrow from money lenders

Even with the greatest personal loan rates, it will be difficult for you to find a bank that will offer you an unsecured loan if your yearly income is less than $20,000. However, up to $3,000 can be legally borrowed from a licensed moneylender.

A licensed moneylender may grant you a loan for up to two to four months’ worth of pay if your annual income is greater than $20,000. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee they will. In the end, it comes down to how much they believe in your ability to pay them back. Additionally, best personal loan in tanjong pagar offers unsecured loans for both personal and business purposes.

Licensed money lenders tend to offer only small loans. They are typically small businesses that can’t afford to lose millions if a borrower defaults. Due to this, payday lenders are perfect for modest, urgent expenses like paying for a clinic visit, getting your car fixed, or purchasing a cheap flight. Loans for major businesses or renovations should not be obtained from moneylenders.

These individuals are skilled at putting pressure on you to pay back your obligations while abiding by the law. Even though they aren’t legally breaking the law, they can nevertheless be very terrifying. Here are some legal rights and obligations for debt collectors.It can range from receiving a barrage of letters, SMSes, and phone calls to getting in touch with your coworkers, family, or neighbors.

The wiser course of action if you’re having difficulties paying your bills is to negotiate and come up with a payment plan you can manage, ideally at a lower interest rate, rather than fleeing. You can do this either by speaking with the lender directly or through the debt collectors. The lender wants to get their money, you can rely on that.

Finally, you might need to file for bankruptcy if you really, truly cannot pay back your bills, have attempted credit counseling, and are still in too deep of a hole to get out of. In this instance, you run the danger of losing assets like your car or investment property.


So, personal loans come with a higher interest rate and ought to only be utilized as resort, whether they are obtained from banks or authorized moneylenders. It’s time to create a stricter budget to help you live within your means and find ways to raise your income if you frequently find yourself having to turn to licensed moneylenders due to cash flow concerns.