Can Cyber Crime Track Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Can Cyber Crime track deleted WhatsApp messages? It depends on the platform. Although many platforms do not keep message logs, others can provide valuable metadata that can help law enforcement agencies bust crimes. Metadata includes IP addresses, time stamps of messages, and details of contacts. This information cannot be read, but it can help the investigation team figure out who was talking to whom. If the conversations were ongoing, it might be possible to identify a suspect.

iMyFone ChatsBack WhatsApp recovery

If you’re wondering how to track deleted WhatsApp messages, iMyFone ChatsBack is the answer. This application loads up data from WhatsApp and allows you to analyze it to recover deleted messages. You first have to grant permission to the software to analyze your data. Once you grant this permission, you can then select which files you want to recover. Once you’ve selected which files, you can preview them and click the “restore to device” button to restore the data to your Android.

iCloud backup

The ability to retrieve a person’s deleted WhatsApp chats and message backups can make it easier for law enforcement agencies to track down criminals. In addition to accessing deleted messages, forensic experts can also retrieve all kinds of data from various applications and cloud services on the phone, including phone call records and messages. Cyber Crimes have long used this capability to catch a suspect in a variety of crimes, from prank calls to murders.

Google Drive backup

WhatsApp has a dual-backup system, allowing you to save your chats to your phone and to the cloud. Those files are stored on your Google Drive or iCloud account. If you’ve deleted the files from your phone, you can retrieve them by backing up the file on Google Drive. Alternatively, you can use a backup program such as Google’s This method is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

iTunes backup

An Apple backup is an easy way to monitor WhatsApp conversations, but there are also other ways to spy on someone’s phone. Apple does not encrypt its backup files, so law enforcement could issue a warrant and obtain the database. Then, they could use existing forensic tools to retrieve deleted messages from a mobile device. Moreover, how to hack a cell phone law enforcement can force users to provide their macOS credentials and iTunes backup passwords to authorities. The security researcher recommends that WhatsApp developers switch to encrypted CoreData routines in their apps.

Pegasus remote surveillance software

Pegasus is a powerful surveillance application, but it is not easily recognizable by the average user. Instead, it collects data in an encrypted buffer that takes up about five percent of the phone’s storage and then transmits it to its server. As a result, it is able to penetrate the device without the user’s consent. In addition, it does not require the user to click or install anything to begin monitoring the device.