8 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

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Just why do these foods make you completely throw your diet mindset out the window?  It has to do with their composition.  The more fiber that is removed from these foods, the harder and faster they hit your bloodstream.  The sugar and refined starch they contain causes your blood sugar to soar sky-high.

Your body’s response to the high blood sugar you now junk haulers sacramento have is to produce insulin as quickly as possible to bring your sugar level down.  In its haste, it usually over produces the amount of insulin your body needs and in turn that drives your body’s sugar level below where it was before you ate anything.

When blood sugar is that low, you feel tired and hungry and in need of another quick pickup – often in the form of – you guessed it – something sweet.  This of course starts the whole process over again and again.

These wrong food choices can sabotage your weight less immensely.  When a food contains both fat and sugar, it can become addictive because so many of us love the taste of fat and sugar.

The secret to dieting success is to avoid appetite-stimulating foods as much as possible.  Make it a point to reach for natural, wholesome, high-fiber foods and snacks instead.  These whole foods are digested more slowly, causing fewer high spikes in your blood sugar.  High fiber foods can stabilize your hunger rather than drive it wild with those crazy blood sugar ups and downs.