5 Reasons to Try Out IGTV on Instagram

The Instagram app allows you to upload videos and photos from your camera roll. Videos can range in length from three seconds to sixty minutes. There are a variety of editing and filter options for photos. You can either select existing photos or create new ones. If you want to share a video, you can also record it. You can use filters and effects to make it look better than your previous ones. The Instagram app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


If you want to grow your Instagram following, then you should look into using a tool like Sprout on Instagram. You can schedule posts, use a scheduling feature to predetermine the first comment, and see what times of day and content your audience responds to the most. Sprout can also show you which posts are generating the most engagement and which are not. It can even give you insight into which of your influencers are engaging your audience.


The Instagram app has recently added a new feature called IGTV. The feature is primarily designed for mobile users. To access IGTV, users must download the app and then tap the TV icon in the top-right bar. This new feature lets you easily share videos and see notifications when people comment, like or send them in direct messages. Listed below are some of the most compelling reasons to try out IGTV on Instagram.


Reels on Instagram is a great way to share a short video. You can upload your own audio and/or overlay it on the video. It will automatically credit the original user account and can have multiple takes. You can share your Reels in the Instagram Feed or the Explore section. The feature is mobile-only, so you cannot post to it on your desktop. In the meantime, you can post a series of Reels in your feed or share it publicly in the Reels section of the Explore page.

IGTV Shopping

Instagram is launching a new feature called IGTV Shopping, which will allow businesses to sell their products to fans of their stories. The new feature will allow users to purchase the products featured in a video with a single click. Brands have been working with Instagram to create enhanced virtual shopping carts, and you can add items from multiple companies to your cart at once. Those features are expected to make the shopping experience more convenient and engaging for users.

Signing up for Instagram

You’ve tried signing up for Instagram and have received the error “Sign-Up Blocked.” What can you do to overcome this error? The most obvious way is to change your web browser. If you use

Google Chrome, you can switch to Firefox or Opera. If you use one of these browsers, you won’t get the error. You can also try using a VPN to access the Instagram website from other locations. If you don’t have access to a VPN, sign up for Instagram from a desktop computer.

Archiving posts

Archiving posts on Instagram is a great way to keep old content off of your timeline. By doing so, you won’t lose all the engagement you’ve earned from the post. And because you can restore archived posts, they’ll never disappear from your feed again. This feature is also available for Instagram stories. Previously, the only way to hide content was to delete it entirely, and this also lost all engagement metrics.

Using interactive features

Instagram has recently conducted a number of tests with a global audience and discovered that interactive features boost the effectiveness of their ads. Users enjoy interacting with brands, and by incorporating interactive elements into their ads, they can get more views and generate higher brand loyalty. The company says that the interactive element increases user engagement by 35% and is available to all advertisers. If you’d like to take your advertising to the next level, you can use this feature to increase your video views and engagement.

Creating multiple Instagram accounts

Creating multiple Instagram accounts is not as complicated as it sounds. With the PVA Creator application, you can easily set up several Instagram accounts for different people. It can be a bit confusing, though. Pay close attention to every step of the process. Managing multiple accounts on Instagram is not a cakewalk, so you’ll need a tool that helps you create multiple accounts quickly and easily. Here are some tips to get started.